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New Normal?...........Never!


If we haven’t all seen it, we’ve heard about it. ‘Save The Date’ memos were tucked away safely into a memory box and replaced on the fridge by the dreaded ‘Postponed’ cards. Despite the administrative car crash which COVID 19 has created for you event planners, there is also the emotional side of things. Brides fell out of love with dresses; dresses ruined purely by the weight of Covid 19, affecting how the bride-to-be holds herself in the dress knowing that what should have been shared with over a hundred guests would now be for an audience of 10 (or mothballed until restrictions lift). Retirement dos were put on hold, not only due to restrictions, but also because just one more year of financial security was suddenly very appealing. Christenings, funerals, birthdays – every stage of life and its acknowledgement event has been affected.



Some days, we have sat here at Inside Out and felt very sorry for ourselves. Waves of postponement, cancellations, shall-we-shan’t-we conversations with customers…..Waiting by the TV hopefully for Boris to wave a magic wand over the events industry, to provide us with a solution we just haven’t been able to see for ourselves. When nothing happens, we always come back to the same thought...

‘If I feel sad that I can’t throw up a marquee, imagine how the customers feel who have arranged everything else too.’

 The church ceremony, flights for guests across the globe, transport to venues etc. Yes, its you lot who have borne the brunt. So what can we do or say to give a glimmer of hope for the future of events?


At Inside Out Marquees, we feel confident that the events industry will still see a demand for celebrations beyond the virtual world. You just can’t see that tear of joy glisten clearly enough on Granny’s cheek through a screen when you tie the knot. You need to actually see a chubby baby knuckle in person to understand who just got dunked in holy water. But will people simply start having ceremonies with nearest and dearest and cancelling off group celebrations afterwards? We doubt it. There is just something magnetic within humans which means we want people we care about to show up for us when important things happen in our lives.


What of corporate events?

We would love to see more local business enquiries come in for events; corporate events from local companies looking to keep exposure levels within their geographical bubble. Why not hire different marquees out in different branches across the country/globe with a big screen in each to share the event as a company via Zoom? Perhaps a mixture of technology and socialising in person is a creative way to crack on. Carbon foot prints will reduce as a by product of your innovative approach, too.



The question is, how can we offer you some creative solutions within the current guidelines?

Whatever your event, there are answers.

Compromise and flexibility will be key for both you and us.

But one thing we won’t compromise on is your safety. Our call outs are all open-air and involve masks. If you feel more comfortable with a shield too, just say the word. We will look at the existing guidelines on numbers, square footage: people ratios in order to adhere to social distancing.


We feel confident that we can offer you events in our marquees which are safe, relaxed and fun. What we won’t guarantee is that we can help make things feel ‘normal.’ Your event is special, we didn’t want it to be normal before Covid 19 and we certainly don’t want it to be normal any time soon either!


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