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Top Reasons To Hire A Marquee

In the current climate there are things that matter more now than ever in events planning. We've thrown together a few of our top reasons why a marquee is the perfect solution for whatever you have in mind for your corporate or family do


Marquee Interior


Make your event people centred. Strip it back to what matters - getting all the people you need in one easily accessible venue. No distractions of flaws and fancies, you know what you are getting with a marquee, leaving your focus entirely on those wonderful guests around you. 

Absolutely top air quality. Marquees provide that essential ventilation we are all seeking during these unprecedented times. 

Real choices. The garden, the local farmer's field, the lawn of a stately building you want but cannot get granny's wheelchair into... You can place your marquee to meet the needs and budget specific to you. 

Quiet - find the right location for your marquee and it's the ultimate private event. You won’t be disturbed by other groups in the adjacent conference room. Bubbles mixing by accident isn't a possibility. 

Unique. Tailor the actual structure of your venue. How many permanent structures can you take a door out of and chuck in a window instead to make the most of your views?!

Endless possibilities for structures to suit the group size you are comfortable with within government guidance 

Even dog friendly! 

marquee exterior


Get in touch today to find out more about how we can provide flexible solutions to your event. 


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